All packed up and ready to go

Well, it’s finalIMG_1934ly here – HOLIDAY TIME

Mummy’s been busy getting all of the important stuff together like leads, food and treats.  We’re also taking our coats as it might be a bit blowy and wet up in the North East and I really don’t like getting wet (unless I chose to by running through pools and into the sea – that’s different from rainy wet).

Amos doesn’t have a clue what’s going on (nothing new there then!) but I’m very excited.

We’re going to Warkworth in Northumberland for a week and we’re meeting up with my best mate Frieda (she lives with my grandma and grandad).  We went there last year too, but we’re going to a different house this time because now there are 3 of us instead of just 2. I’ve been to Northumberland lots and lots of times and I think mummy and daddy want to go and live there one day – I think I would like that too.

It gets a bit blow up North - plays havoc with one's ears
It gets a bit blow up North – plays havoc with one’s ears

I’m very much looking forward to teaching Amos all about the seaside. There’s sand to dig in (he’s quite good at digging already); pools to paddle in, the sea to stand and look at and run away from (it sneaks up on you if you don’t watch it very carefully).  I’ll let him drink the seawater and see what happens!  If he’s got any sense (very debatable) he won’t do it twice – I certainly didn’t – it’s yucky.

Mummy’s a little bit concerned that we might all lose the plot on the first beach visit.  I do get VERY excited when I have lots of space to run around in, and Amos does too.  Mind you, once I’ve done a few laps of the beach I’m usually pretty tired so am happy to poddle about and see what dead things I can find to eat instead.

So, we’re off in the morning once everything’s packed into the car.  With our beds, coats, leads, harnesses, dinners and treats I hope there’s a bit of room left for the humans’ luggage . . .  I’ll probably snooze most of the way there – I hope Amos does too. It will be his longest car journey so far and it will be rather annoying if he keeps jumping up and down on me all the way there.

I’ll let you know how we all get on, but in the meantime here’s a picture of me and my daddy a couple of years ago on a different Northumbrian beach – hmmmm, I definitely think I’d like to live there . . .




A spot of DIY

IMG_1750Here we both are being extremely useful, showing our DIY skills while our lovely people build some digging beds for us.

Apparently they are actually “to grow fruit and vegetables and if you think you’re getting in there you can both think again” but we think that would just be a waste.  Look how well we fit into them. . .  There has been some mention of “if you dig out the plants you’ll both be back in there under the soil” as if that’s some kind of threat – imagine the fun we’d have digging ourselves out again.

Anyway, Amos needs to get some digging practice in ready for his holidays next week.  I’m a world-class beach digger already but Amos has never been to the seaside so I’ll have to teach him all my tricks. So, once we’ve got these beds full I shall make it my mission to teach him well . . .

Harris x

Happy Birthday to meeeeee


So here we are – it’s finally my first birthday – cue lots of singing and cheering and


I had a good look at my card first.  Everyone has put birthday messages and signed it including Harris (who must be magic or something because he’s at Grandma and Grandad’s at the minute)

Then ontoDSC_6131 the best bit – my present.

I was a bit disappointed at first because I only appeared to have one but when I opened it, there were presents from everyone all in one box.  Two new squeeky tennis balls (one from Harris and one from Mabel (I knew she’d have something hidden away somewhere) and two balls on strings (one from mum and dad and one from grandma and grandad).  I LOVE balls on strings because they go a loooong way when they’re thrown and I can race Harris for them (but always lose)


Then we had a bit of a party (well, we jumped about a bit with a silly hats on – although Mabel would only keep hers on for about 30 seconds at a time, and didn’t look too happy even then!)

Then thDSC_6123e excitement of the day caught up with me and I had a little snooze (still wearing my
hat though, of course).

I have very much enjoyed my first ever birthday and look forward to many  more to come.

My first few months of life were difficult and painful (I had a badly broken leg) but because of the love and care shown to me by East Midlands Dog Rescue, my leg was mended and now I can run around with everyone else.  Then my new mum and dad turned up and here I am a whole one year old living with a lovely family and my best mate (when we don’t have Mabel as a house guest) Harris.

I hope that all the other animals out there looking for love and security find it soon and can live as great a life as I do now.

Amos x


Gallantry still alive and well

IMG_1904We got our first real taste of autumn weather here yesterday in Leicestershire.  Turns out our house guest, Mabel, really doesn’t like the wind and rain.   So, when it was time for our morning walk I very gallantly offered her my new coat to wear as she didn’t bring one with her (still hoping my birthday present from her for tomorrow is hidden somewhere though).IMG_1908

My mummy knitted me the coat, but I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet.  Luckily it fits Mabel a treat (although I’m sure she’s somewhat fatter than me – but I would never tell her that!) So, when we got back Mabel was lovely and warm and dry and I was, well just look at the state of me . . .

Of course I don’t really mind.  I LOVE being all wet and mucky and also LOVE being dried by the big fluffy towel when we get home.

Apparently tomorrow I am a whole one year old and that is a big deal.  My start in life was not good, but here I am 8 months later living the life of riley and loving every minute of it.  My best friend Harris will still be at grandma and grandad’s for my big day, but it’s his birthday in a couple of weeks so we can have a huge celebration then (and he can give me my present from him when Mabel has gone home).

So, off for another autumnal walk later then an early night I think to prepare for tomorrow . . .

Amos x

All (temporarily) change on the residents front . . .

IMG_1882All very exciting here at chez Keeling!  We have a temporary new member called Mabel.  Her owners have gone on their hollibobs for a couple of weeks and she’s come to stop with us.

Because Mabel is a bit small (and too girly!) to cope with my big “brother” Harris, he has gone off to his grandma and grandad’s for the duration.  Harris is very happy about this as they have a massive garden for him to run around in and his best friend Frieda lives there so he still has someone to play with.  Frieda is a bit less “hands on” than I am apparently (not sure what that means – I just like jumping on his head from the back of the sofa and for some reason Frieda doesn’t do that), so it will be like a retreat/holiday for Harris.

Here I am teaching Mabel how to look out of the front room window for any passing squirrels/postmen.  She’s quite good fun so far but can’t run as fast as Harris so I keep having to stop and wait for her when we’re out on our walk.  She did bring some new tennis balls with her though and she sort of shares them, most of the time . . .

I’ve heard rumors that it’s my 1st birthday this week so I hope Mabel brought a card and present with her.  Didn’t see any sign of it with her stuff when she arrived (and I had a really good look through ALL of her stuff), perhaps she’s given it to someone else to look after until the big day on Friday  . . .

I have a new friend!


So, it’s finally happened.  A new dog has arrived in my life!!  May I introduce Amos.  Apparently he’s a Bedington Whippet cross, whatever that means.  All I know is I now have someone to chase around the garden (much to my mum’s dismay – she just keeps wailing “oh, my grass” for some reason . . .)

Amos actually arrived a few months ago but we’ve all been really busy making sure he’s settled in and happy, so this blog is a little later than planned.

Now we are a family of two rescues – both from local privately-run rescue centres who do a fantastic job giving dogs like myself and Amos a second chance at life, and oh what a second chance we’re having!!

Amos arrived at the rescue just a few months old and with a badly broken back leg.  The lovely people who rescued him got him all patched up and chose us as his new family.  You wouldn’t know he’d ever had a injury, he can run almost as fast as me and can jump around all over the place (and does so, almost constantly).

So this is the start of our journey together.  I think it’s going to be fun and look forward to telling you all about it.

Apparently we’re off to the seaside in a few weeks and it will be Amos’ first time, so I guess I’ll have to teach him all about eating seaweed, drinking seawater, being sick all over the place because seawater is horrid and I always forget and digging massive holes in the beach.  Can’t wait  . . .

Focused Lurcher (2)

Just to prove how multi-talented I can be (when I put my mind to it) yesterday I decided to focus all my attention on a stick . . .  Makes a change from my usual ball on a string, but does not have the same added attraction of smacking me on either side of my head when running with it in my mouth.  Shortly after this photo was taken I lost the stick – well, some silly human threw it the wrong way when I wasn’t concentrating (there was a fly going by that needed my undivided attention).  I think there are photos of the search – I’ll see what I can post tomorrow . . .